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Individual insights on every prospect

Enrich your understanding of a potential customer’s behavior, personality, and financial profile without adding to your workload.


Personalized communication advice

Advice based on our proprietary AI engine helps you take an individual’s specific personality traits into account and learn how to approach each prospect to drive the conversation forward, and leave them wanting to work only with you.

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Seamless CRM

AI Profile works seamlessly within your HubSpot CRM so it’s always right where you need it - you don’t even have to leave the contact record.


Build deeper relationships

Relationships are the key for successful sales and service reps. AIProfile provides every rep with the insights they need to deepen their relationships and deliver success.

AI at a Human Level

Reduce Bias (AI Profile)

Reduce Bias

AIprofile levels the playing field for socially disadvantaged groups by reducing reliance on pedigree and buzzwords and identifying prospects based on personality fit and other factors

Privacy Matters (AI Profile)

Privacy Matters

Respect for each individual and their privacy is at Learners' core. We use only publicly available data and do not analyze any data that is private to an individual.

Neutral Expression (AI Profile)

Neutral Expression

As further privacy protection, AIProfile does not predict personality based on what someone is saying, but rather on how they say it.

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Decision Factors (AI Profile)

Decision Factors

AIProfile knows what matters to key decision makers when they’re thinking about a deal, and can put that knowledge at your fingertips during negotiation and offer stages.

Grounded in Science (AI Profile)

Grounded in Science

Multi-disciplinary approach combining psychology, machine learning, and natural language processing to give more than 90% accuracy.

Better Insights, Better Results (AI Profile)

Better Insights, Better Results

AI Profile’s key value is its ability to speed up your close cycle by providing the information your team need to have the best conversations they can, every time.

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