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Learn to help your 
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Help Desk

Problems and issues are part of business. Learning to anticipate and deal with them effectively is key to
delighting and retaining customers over the long term.

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Support Plan (Help Desk)

Support Plan

We work to develop a custom help desk approach and methodology for your business, including definition of specific roles and responsibilities, and implementation HubSpot’s help desk and ticketing solutions.

Procedures (Help Desk)


We help to develop your specific help desk procedures, including protocols related to caller and employee etiquette, transferring and escalating calls, and handling emergency calls.

Metrics (Help Desk)


Excellent customer service depends on reliable metrics that can help to uncover trends and improve the quality and speed of service being provided to customers. We can work with your team to identify and track the metrics that are most relevant to your business.

Live Chat (Help Desk)

Live Chat

We can help to set up and train employees on HubSpot’s live chat solution, to ensure that you can serve customers in real time on your website.

Chat Bots (Help Desk)

Chat Bots

Improve the efficiency of your operations and scale your communications by leveraging chat bot flows to route customers to the best channel to answer their question, from help documentation to a live agent.

Analytics Reporting (Help Desk)


Measure the impact of your customer service efforts with built-in reporting tools that track knowledge base usage data, ticket volume and response time, customer feedback, and more.



Define Goals

We work with your team to define your help desk goals and metrics to ensure that you better serve customers while maintaining a positive, engaged service team that is focused on delivering excellent service.

Define Goals & Metrics

Automate Tickets

Automate your customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation. Use feedback responses to kick off automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications to your team.

Automate Tracker

Reporting Setup

We build custom reports based on your specific needs, along with sophisticated dashboards that will ensure you can always keep your eye on the metrics that matter most.

Reporting Setup (4)



For a custom pricing plan that’s right for your business, contact our team.

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Client Testimonials

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Unite your sales, marketing, and customer success functions.

Financial services companies need to embrace the potential of RevOps (revenue operations) for streamlining their business and boosting profits. From “single source of truth” databases to personalization and AI, RevOps gives your revenue teams the tools and training they need to get the most from the entire customer lifecycle

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Sales Enablement
Make your sales team dramatically more efficient and effective.

“One size fits all” sales messaging simply isn’t good enough anymore. Financial services companies need to reevaluate the people, processes, and technologies of their sales team from top to bottom. Today’s financial services sales teams need a modern, streamlined approach to sales enablement.

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Data Driven Marketing
Get the most from your enterprise data with cutting-edge insights.

Eighty-three percent of financial services executives say that data is their firm’s most strategic asset. So how do you process and refine your raw data for smarter data-driven decision-making? To overcome challenges such as data silos and long sales cycles, marketing teams in financial services need the right people, processes, and technologies in place.

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Reimagining Customer Service
Find out how AI and machine learning can transform your business.

AI and machine learning applications like automated fraud detection, chatbots, and robo-advisors promise to shake up the financial services industry. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to embrace the radical possibilities of these new technologies.

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Operations Hub
Learn how to deploy HubSpot’s CRM for your RevOps needs.

Despite the supposed benefits of digital transformation projects, many financial services companies are falling behind. Your business needs help to beat the odds from HubSpot’s Operations Hub CRM software. Operations Hub can help with everything from enriching your customer data to building automated data workflows.

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Operations Hub Enterprise
Learn about HubSpot’s CRM platform for reimagining your customer data.

HubSpot’s Operations Hub software helps streamline and centralize your customer-facing data and processes. With the Operations Hub CRM, you can delight your clientele and turn them into happy customers for life.

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