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Service Hub Onboarding

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Service Hub Onboarding

Our Service Hub onboarding services provide technical direction on implementation, along with strategic
consulting on how you can use HubSpot to serve your customers better using HubSpot. With an onboarding
plan customized to your company, goals, software, and tech stack, we’re here to help you—every step of the way.

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Intake Channels (Service Hub Onboarding)

Intake Channels

We create conversations inbox to streamline and centralize communication with your contacts. You can connect different channels to the inbox, then view, reply, and manage all ongoing conversations in one place.

Ticket Automation (Service Hub Onboarding)

Ticket Automation

We help set up custom ticket pipelines and statuses to define and automate business processes for responding to your customers.

Analytics Reporting (Service Hub Onboarding)

Analytics Reporting

Analytics Reporting
Monitor your service team’s performance and customer experience across tickets to identify issues before they occur and uncover trends to ensure you are always ahead of the curve when servicing your customers.




Your journey with Learners starts with us getting to know your team and business during a defined onboarding period. From there, we develop a project plan and kick-off that provides a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and timelines.

Planning (14)

Account Setup

We handle the basic setup to ensure that we’re building on top of a solid foundation. From setting up your team’s profiles and connecting shared emails to conversations to implementing a knowledge base and notification preferences, we’ll take care of the details up front to equip you for success.

Account Setup (8)

Self Service

We will help you to import your existing knowledge base, optimize it for Google search and customer satisfaction, and collect feedback from customers to continuously improve their experience.

Self Service

Measure CX

Create a culture of continuous improvement by setting up customer loyalty surveys and net promoter scores (NPS), sending customer effort surveys (CES), and creating workflow triggers to send customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT).

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For a custom pricing plan that’s right for your business, contact our team.

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Frequently Asked Question


What is HubSpot onboarding, and why is it necessary?

The process of setting up all the options that come with your HubSpot subscription and making them functionally available to your team is called HubSpot onboarding. It also involves guiding and training your team on each stage of running Service Hub and getting the most value from its various features. It will help you:

•   Understand the software and all the options in detail

•   Avoid delays using our best practices

•   Get a strong foundation and training for your team

•   Hit the ground running to achieve your goals


Why is onboarding with a HubSpot partner better than working with HubSpot?

When you have plugged your business into a massive platform like HubSpot, you need proper onboarding, and there are two ways to achieve it. Work with the HubSpot onboarding team or hire a HubSpot partner agency. Working with Learners has several advantages such as:

•   We provide more services compared to HubSpot and their price

•   Our onboarding services includes training your team on critical features

•   Our agency has practical financial services industry domain knowledge and experience

•   We offer ongoing and on-demand support throughout the journey

•   You will work with an experienced team that has successfully onboarded numerous times

•   Have a practical understanding of the problems and solutions


How long does Service Hub Onboarding take?

Service Hub Onboarding can take up to 1-2 months, depending on the complexity of your setup and your overall organizational needs.

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