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75% of policyholders will switch for a personalized service. Will you be their choice?

Navigating the dynamic insurance industry can be complex, with changing customer profiles, intricate regulations, and increased competition. The key to sustainable growth lies in the strategic integration of AI and Automation. Our approach is not just about providing solutions, but about partnering with you to implement personalized policy offerings, optimize risk, and forecast revenue accurately. We're here to help you unlock the potential in your data and guide you through your insurance transformation journey. 

The insurance landscape is intricate. Your strategy and tech stack to deliver personalization should be seamless.

The insurance industry is facing a paradigm shift. Here are some interesting trends:

  • 40% of satisfied claimants are still likely to switch insurers.
  • 69% of customers find long resolution times extremely frustrating.
  • Customers increasingly prefer self-directed service and mobile-friendly experiences.

On the other hand:

  • 77% of customers would spend more money with a company that provides good customer experiences.
  • 74% of customers want companies to personalize their experiences and are willing to share their data for better services.
  • 84% of customers expect a knowledgeable agent to solve their problems.

With changing customer behaviours and complex regulations, it's time to unlock your data's potential and transform your strategies with AI and automation.

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Implement a robust Go-to-Market strategy with modular solutions that infuse speed and agility in your operations:

  • Improve personalization and customer satisfaction
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs
  • Enhance risk management and compliance 
  • Boost revenue and market share

The key to sustainable growth lies in harnessing the power of data and AI to deliver personalized services at scale, reduce costs through automation, and manage risk effectively with intelligence. 

Unified Data

Integrate disparate systems and synthesize data for a comprehensive view of your business. Leverage real-time insights to optimize operations from distribution and marketing to underwriting, claims processing, and policy renewals.

Intelligent Automation

Identify key processes where automation can augment human intelligence to deliver customer value. Eliminate data entry and drive processes with automation for PDF extraction real-time policy updates, identity verification, claims processing, and other complex business . 

Personalized Customer Experience

Leverage AI to personalize customer experiences at scale, from marketing to offboarding, fostering loyalty and enhancing satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle. Take advantage of the latest developments in machine learning for customer segmentation, risk management and identifying cross-sell opportunities.


Life & Annuity

Streamline underwriting, reduce resources for risk evaluation and policy creation, and boost decision-making and operational efficiency. With our expertise, we help insurers revamp their operations for greater efficiency and customer focus. Let's tap into your data's potential with ou tailored services.

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Agencies & Brokerages

Drive growth efficiently with our AI and automation solutions. Experience the benefits of digital-first technology, unified insights, and automated workflows. We also empower marketing managers to effectively run promotions for independent brokers, MGA's and agents.

Property & Casualty

Accelerate product development and deployment. Transform complex business processes into smooth workflows and revamp contact center operations to deliver superior customer service. Get in touch to find out how we can enhance your property and casualty insurance services with our specialized solutions.
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Group Benefits

Manage the entire benefits lifecycle from a single source of truth. Replace outdated, inefficient processes with streamlined, digital management from quote to claim. Uncover opportunities, expedite deals, and modernize contact centre experiences by  unifying marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Brett Oliveira

ShipHero Sales

stars has been an incredible partner for our HubSpot CRM rebuild and integration project. This has been a complex project completely rebuilding our CRM processes and workflows from the ground up while integrating numerous internal and external data sources. They have been incredibly responsive and provided great advice and best practices along the way. I'd definitely recommended working with the Learners team. Thank you!!

Chris G.

Forum Financial Management, LP


Love working with the team at Learners! From day one, they really got our business and took the time to deliver a custom solution that our whole team can get behind!

Jamal M

Main Street Financial Solutions


Learners did a fantastic job of understanding our perspective and at customizing an approach that met our needs, while still bringing much needed experience, structure and vision to our process. They clearly know their stuff when it comes to leveraging automation capabilities for financial services practices. It’s eye opening what automation can accomplish for our practices already, and I firmly believe that any RIA that hopes to stay relevant in the next decade ought to be investing in this critical area of technology NOW!

Cynthia LaRue

Forum Financial Management, LP


I chose Learners for our CRM implementation because of their experience, CRM expertise, RevOps expertise, competitive pricing, and their focus on customer service. They provided a full audit of our CRM and then a complete overhaul of our CRM, from custom objects & properties, to completely new sales pipelines, workflow automation, lead scoring, reports & dashboards. I would absolutely recommend Learners - they are outstanding and are true experts. They take a true team approach to the project and are very flexible.

Ashley Camire

Owner and Relationship Specialist

stars was a breeze to work with. Learners team is genuinely caring people who take their work and customers' projects very seriously... They are calm, friendly and very easy to talk to...Everything coordinated for us was organized, timely and within budget. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, trying to figure anything out during the entire process. Thank you Learners team!

Brandon Palmer

Digital Marketing Manager


Our team is using for a fairly complicated reimplementation of our HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub. That said, working with them has been wonderful. They're basically a part of the team now! I never have any issues reaching out to them and receiving a reply, and a solution to whatever issue I've discovered. We've been working together for approximately three months and it's been nothing but wonderful. Projects like this are tough and time-consuming, but has continuously been up to the task and handled any and all of our requests. Shout out to Learners team! They've been terrific.

Phil Desrosiers

Corporate Director


I have relied heavily on the team at Learners for the implementation of the new system. The configuration of HubSpot to meet our needs at my company has been a real game changer and we've already seen the results pay for themselves even before we've completed the project. They've gone above any beyond to provide expert advice and jump in when we've run into unexpected challenges. Should you decide that an integration team is the right fit for your growth plans at, I can confidently say with Learners you would be in good hands.