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Drive Predictable Policy Growth with AI

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37% of clients will switch provider for a better experience. Which side are you on?

The Insurance industry continues to evolve - from changes in client risk profiles and expectations to increased automation and competition from a list of growing Insuretechs innovating the industry. But many have already discovered the key to sustainable, predictable growth: centralizing data and incorporating AI to personalize each customer interaction, building trust by providing customized quotes and fast claims processing. It's not just about an unwavering commitment to the customer, but also about reducing operational risk and becoming extremely efficient in an industry that is slow to catch-up.

There is a generational shift in your clients. Your service needs to exceed their expectations.

CPG Companies Spent $200 Billion on just in-store merchandising and marketing. But all of it is not well spent. Here are the key challenges:

  • Only 25% of customers agree their advisor is invested in their financial well-being, and 18% agree that the advisor can anticipate financial needs.
  • Only 20% of customers agree that they get the assistance they need with an Agent.
  • 74% of customers believe communicating honestly and transparently is more crucial now than before the pandemic.

On the other hand:

  • 77% of customers would spend more money with a company that provides good customer experiences.
  • 74% of customers want companies to personalize their experiences and willing to share their data for better services.
  • 84% of customers expect a knowledgeable agent to solve their problem.

With challenges ranging from digital consumer complexities to geopolitical uncertainties, and a significant portion of $200 Billion potentially misallocated in marketing and merchandising, isn't it time to ask whether your current strategies are truly unlocking the full potential of your data and operations? Insurance Playbook

Implement a robust Go-to-Market strategy with modular solutions that infuse agility and intelligence to get these results:

  • Reduce out-of-stocks
  • Pricing and promotions match expectations
  • Marketing and merchandising are more closely aligned and audited
  • Field reps can devote more time to building relationships and driving sales

Planning & Forecasting

Break down-data silos and streamline all aspects of your planning to build forecasts that everyone can trust. Enable real-time collaboration and insights to enable key account managers to optimize trade spend and maximize ROI. Finally, simplify claims management once promotions are complete. 

Drive Revenue Growth

Identify key areas of growth with advanced analytics and determine the best course of action. Leverage AI to enable guided selling for your field reps and streamline repetitive tasks. Empower them to spend more time time building relationships and driving sales. 

Unlock Efficiencies in Route-to-Market

Streamline operations by planning store visits with optimized routes and real-time fleet tracking that reroutes dynamically to prioritize deliveries. Enable mobile devices to automate shelf audits, inventory checks and planogram compliance.


Life & Annuity

Connect with customers and give them the support they need without complicated software or distractions.

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Agencies & Brokerages

Deliver success now by empowering your agency or brokerage with digital-first technology, unified insights, and automated workflows.

Property & Casualty

Put policyholders first and deploy faster with interactions designed to help stay ahead in increasingly digitized markets.
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Group Benefits

Manage the entire benefits lifecycle by connecting your teams, reducing unnecessary steps, and scaling fast.
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