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Get Salesforce right the first time. Fast. 

Generating ROI from Salesforce requires customizing it with a mix of industry best practices, your unique business needs and tech stack. Our experience in enterprise wide, cross-functional implementations results in quick time to value for you.

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AI-Powered Customer 360

Revenue growth starts by fully leveraging HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to grow traffic, convert leads, and crush your marketing goals. We provide customized technical and strategic guidance for your company’s unique needs, goals, software and tech stack. We’re here to help you—every step of the way.


Precision drives top-tier marketing operations. Balance innovation with core metrics. Venture into new markets, retaining your operational essence. From inbound tactics to MarTech optimization, we amplify your operational success.


Working smarter, not harder, is the mantra. Empower your sales teams and scale without added headcount. Through our expertise, processes are sharpened, tools are optimized, pipelines burgeon, quotas are consistently surpassed, and clients are continuously delighted.


Maximize customer satisfaction; they're your most influential promoters and revenue drivers. Equip your team with advanced analytics and top-tier tools, ensuring service that sparks peer-to-peer recommendations.


Operate at a high efficiency with intelligent automation and bots that give your stars superpowers. Reduce your costs and risks by eliminating manual processes and get workflows that actually work. 

IT & Ops

Never fly blind again with full-funnel and customer lifecycle reporting. Get connected analytics from Web, CMS, Social, CRM, ERP, Datawarehouse, and other downstream platforms to get a single source of truth and reliable forecasts.

Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM. Learn how to digitally transform your business with industry specific clouds.

  • CGC for B2B Sales
  • CGC for Retail
    Execution (REX)
  • CGC for Consumer Planning
    & Forecasting (CPF)


Financial Services Cloud

Drive asset and revenue growth by fully leveraging FinServ Cloud. This high-touch CRM is designed to personalize client relationships at scale and deliver intelligent, customized, and proactive advice across your entire book of business.

Get a 360-degree view of the client coupled with powerful analytics tools for every advisor.

FinServ Customers have reported:

  • 41% Increase in Client Satisfaction
  • 37% Increase in Advisor Productivity
  • 40% Faster Decision Making

Salesforce CGC

Consumer Goods Cloud (CGC) for B2B Sales

Experience the new industrial revolution with Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud for B2B Sales. This advanced CRM solution is driving the need to deliver products faster and get closer to the consumer. 

Attract customers, win loyalty, and empower your teams with a single, connected platform. It’s not just about planning and executing, it’s about thriving in the new age of B2B sales.

CGC Customers have reported: 

  • 10x Business Growth since implementation
  • 100 Hours per week of saved data collection
  • 250+ data streams integrated into one platform

Salesforce CGC REX

Consumer Goods Cloud for Retail Execution

Elevate your retail performance with Salesforce CGC for Retail Execution. This powerful CRM is your key to efficient store visits, increased sales productivity, and successful shelf presence. It’s not just about order fulfillment, it’s about exceeding expectations.

Harness the power of integrated data, strategic planning, and team tracking to work smarter. With the offline mobile app, you can schedule visits, automate tasks, and access comprehensive customer information on the go. 

REX Customers have reported:

  • 10% Growth in perfect store performance
  • 36% increase in field rep productivity
  • 12% in saved time for sales reps

Salesforce CGC CPF

Consumer Goods Cloud for Customer Planning and Forecasting

Revolutionize your trade planning with Salesforce CGC. Manage promotion plans, allocate trade funds, and enhance productivity with integrated data. It’s not just about planning, it’s about optimizing.

Leverage clear visibility into trade budgets and understand trade spend effectiveness with real-time analytics. 

Salesforce Customers have reported:

  • 100 Hours per week of saved data collection
  • 10x Business Growth since Implementation
  • Clear visibility into trade budgets, funding, and ROI

Salesforce = AI + Data + CRM

salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales AI

Unleash productivity and personalization with auto-generated emails, call summaries, and automated prospect research.

Close every opportunity with key insights like objections, competitors, and pricing. Automatic call logging with alerts for next steps and action items.

Make stronger connections by replacing web-to-lead forms with live conversations, uncover relationship networks, and accelerate decisions with AI-driven predictions. 

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Marketing AI

Get richer customer insights with granular segmentation, ability to integrate custom models to bring your data and business rules to life.

Orchestrate intelligent journeys with predictive AI, rapid content creation and selection using generative AI, and get actionable insights from marketing performance in real-time.

Get better leads with AI powered lead scoring, key accounts and decision maker identification, and multi-touch revenue attribution. 

salesforce Service Cloud  

Customer Service AI

Boost productivity and customer satisfaction to generate personalized replies and resolve issues with agents and bots.

Personalize every touch point with next best action recommendations, case classification, and reply recommendations.

Deploy smart agents across all channels with multilingual bots, a custom bot builder, and bots API for cross-platform agents. 

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salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce AI

Elevate buying experiences with personalized shopping assistants connected with popular messaging apps to streamline purchases and grow cart size. 

Boost conversions with generative page designer to design and deploy new webpage in seconds. Get actionable insights from basket analysis and buying behavior through a single dashboard.

Fuel merchant productivity with SEO-optimized product descriptions, auto-generated custom offers and targeted promotions. 

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Quick Time-to-Value for Industry Clouds

Implementation Time
Salesforce Core CGC Configurations
Setup Companies, Users, Roles, Profiles, and Permission Sets
Configure and customize Leads and Opportunities
Configure and customize Contacts and Accounts
Configure and personalize Activities, Tasks, Calendars, and Events
Configure and customize Products, Price Books, Quotes, and Orders
Configure Sales Agreements, Actions Plans, and Inventory Tracking
Set up Retail Stores, Retail Store Group, and Assortments
Setup Surveys
Onboarding and Training users on all Core Features to start using SF
Advanced Add-Ons
Custom Integrations with ERP using Mulesoft
Custom Objects, Use Cases, Flows, Triggers, and Validation Rules
Admin Support
CG Cloud for Sales
1 Month
Custom Rate
Custom Rate
Custom Rate
Implementation Time
Salesforce Core CGC Configurations
Setup Companies, Users, Roles, Profiles, and Permission Sets
Configure and customize Leads and Opportunities
Configure and customize Contacts and Accounts
Configure and personalize Activities, Tasks, Calendars, and Events
Configure and customize Products, Price Books, Quotes, and Orders
Configure Sales Agreements, Actions Plans, and Inventory Tracking
Set up Retail Stores, Retail Store Group, and Assortments
Setup Surveys
Onboarding and Training users on all Core Features to start using SF
Field Execution
Configure Delivery & Shipments
Setup Inventory Audits & Direct Store Deliveries
Configure Promotions and Promotional Compliance
Setup the Mobile App with out-of-the box configurations
Configure Store Activity and Visit Planning
Configure Action Plans and Retail Store KPIs
Basic Reporting & Dashboards Setups for Retail Execution with Field Sales
Onboarding and Training Field reps on all Retail Execution features and configurations to start using the Mobile App
Salesforce Maps & Mobile
CGC Mobile Offline Basic Set up
Configuring Routing & Scheduling
Setup Territory Planning & Visualization
CGC Mobile Offline Customization Setup
Einstein for CGC
Configure Einstein Visit Recommendations
Advanced Add-Ons
Custom Integrations with ERP using Mulesoft
Custom Objects, Use Cases, Flows, Triggers, and Validation Rules
Admin Support
2 Months
Custom Rate
Custom Rate
Custom Rate
REX + Offline
3 Months
Custom Rate
Custom Rate
Custom Rate
Implementation Time
Salesforce Core CPF Configurations & Master Data Setup: Leverage an out-of-the box, customizable, and extensible CRM data model for consumer goods companies.
Setup Companies, Users, Roles, Profiles, and Permission Sets
Configure and customize Contacts and Accounts
Configure and personalize Activities, Tasks, Events, Chatter
Configure Customer Product List/Authorization Lists
Setup Business Year, Custom Calendar Defination and Multi Sales Orgs
Setup Product Hierarchy, Product Assortment, Categories to Assortments, Conditions Management
Setup Salesforce Lightning Pages and Views
Configure User Setting for Promotions
Configure KPI Definations, KPI Sets, KPI Maps & Week Day Share Profiles
Salesforce CPF Functional Setup: Operationalize the Customer Business Plan to serve as a key access point for all the input required for planning.
Setup Customer Business Plans and Views
Business rules and use case automation, workflows, and approval setups
Enable processes for volume and costs planning, Baseline Management & Target Planning
New Item Feedback section on Accounts
New Item Feedback screen flow to get feedback details from manager
Planning & Forecasting Reports & Dashboards: Flexible Reporting to multiple business needs using the data from the Customer Business Plan.
Customizable Customer Business Yearly plan configuration
Product Store Analysis Dashboard
Setup Feedback Reports
Custom Reports
Custom Integrations: Easily get data in and out of your other platforms such as ERPS, Budgeting, Supply Chain, etc.
Mulesoft, AWS, or Azure based integrations
Other Customer Integrations
Custom Training for Your Teams: Get hands-on training completed for your teams by Salesforce CGC experts to ensure enterprise-wide adoption.
Onboarding and Training Users on all Core Features to start using SF
CPF Core Training for your Custom Processes
3 Months
6-9 Months
up to 3
6+ Months



For a custom pricing plan that’s right for your business, contact our team.


What our Customers Say

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Brett Oliveira

ShipHero Sales

stars has been an incredible partner for our HubSpot CRM rebuild and integration project. This has been a complex project completely rebuilding our CRM processes and workflows from the ground up while integrating numerous internal and external data sources. They have been incredibly responsive and provided great advice and best practices along the way. I'd definitely recommended working with the Learners team. Thank you!!

Chris G.

Forum Financial Management, LP


Love working with the team at Learners! From day one, they really got our business and took the time to deliver a custom solution that our whole team can get behind!

Jamal M

Main Street Financial Solutions


Learners did a fantastic job of understanding our perspective and at customizing an approach that met our needs, while still bringing much needed experience, structure and vision to our process. They clearly know their stuff when it comes to leveraging automation capabilities for financial services practices. It’s eye opening what automation can accomplish for our practices already, and I firmly believe that any RIA that hopes to stay relevant in the next decade ought to be investing in this critical area of technology NOW!

Cynthia LaRue

Forum Financial Management, LP


I chose Learners for our CRM implementation because of their experience, CRM expertise, RevOps expertise, competitive pricing, and their focus on customer service. They provided a full audit of our CRM and then a complete overhaul of our CRM, from custom objects & properties, to completely new sales pipelines, workflow automation, lead scoring, reports & dashboards. I would absolutely recommend Learners - they are outstanding and are true experts. They take a true team approach to the project and are very flexible.

Ashley Camire

Owner and Relationship Specialist

stars was a breeze to work with. Learners team is genuinely caring people who take their work and customers' projects very seriously... They are calm, friendly and very easy to talk to...Everything coordinated for us was organized, timely and within budget. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, trying to figure anything out during the entire process. Thank you Learners team!

Brandon Palmer

Digital Marketing Manager


Our team is using for a fairly complicated reimplementation of our HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub. That said, working with them has been wonderful. They're basically a part of the team now! I never have any issues reaching out to them and receiving a reply, and a solution to whatever issue I've discovered. We've been working together for approximately three months and it's been nothing but wonderful. Projects like this are tough and time-consuming, but has continuously been up to the task and handled any and all of our requests. Shout out to Learners team! They've been terrific.

Phil Desrosiers

Corporate Director


I have relied heavily on the team at Learners for the implementation of the new system. The configuration of HubSpot to meet our needs at my company has been a real game changer and we've already seen the results pay for themselves even before we've completed the project. They've gone above any beyond to provide expert advice and jump in when we've run into unexpected challenges. Should you decide that an integration team is the right fit for your growth plans at, I can confidently say with Learners you would be in good hands.


Frequently Asked Question


Why opt for HubSpot as your go-to RevOps platform?

HubSpot excels in Revenue Operations (RevOps), providing an integrated framework that aligns your marketing, sales, and customer service departments for maximized efficiency and profitability. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive toolset make it a superior solution for unifying your data and processes. Whether you're focusing on lead cultivation, pipeline management, or customer retention, HubSpot offers unmatched support and scalable pricing options to build a customized solution that drives revenue growth. Choose HubSpot, and take the first step in revolutionizing your RevOps strategy.


What is Hubspot onboarding, and why is it necessary?

The process of setting up all the options that come with your Hubspot subscription and making them functionally available to your team is called Hubspot onboarding. It also involves guiding and training your team on each stage of running Marketing Hub and getting the most value from its various features. It will help you:

•   Understand the software and all the options in detail

•   Avoid delays using our best practices

•   Get a strong foundation and training for your team

•   Hit the ground running to achieve your goals


Why is onboarding with a Hubspot partner better than working with Hubspot?

When you have plugged your business into a massive platform like Hubspot, you need proper onboarding, and there are two ways to achieve it. Work with the Hubspot onboarding team or hire a Hubspot partner agency. Working with Learners has several advantages such as:

•   We provide more services compared to Hubspot and their price

•   Our onboarding services includes training your team on critical features

•   Our agency has practical financial services industry domain knowledge and experience

•   We offer ongoing and on-demand support throughout the journey

•   You will work with an experienced team that has successfully onboarded numerous times

•   Have a practical understanding of the problems and solutions


How long does the onboarding process take with for HubSpot?

The duration of the onboarding process with for HubSpot generally falls within a 3-4 month range but can vary based on several factors. These include the complexity of your existing systems, your team's size, and the specific objectives you have for utilizing HubSpot's features. Crucially, the timeframe also depends on the onboarding approach you select—whether it's the Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-With-You, or Do-It-For-You option. Each approach offers a different level of support and hands-on guidance, thus influencing the overall time required to get your team fully operational on the platform.


What are the procedures for setting up HubSpot?

Evaluation of your objectives and necessities in areas like marketing, CRM, client assistance, and CMS to recommend the most suitable plan for your enterprise.

Blueprint for implementation, detailing tech essentials: transferring your contact and business records, customizing your data structure, and aligning with your IT environment.

Activating HubSpot: Establishing the marketing toolkit (e.g., email layouts, landing pages, form designs, CTAs, automated email sequences), CRM functionalities (like sales funnels and deal oversight, workflows, sequences automation, deal pipelines), and Service modules (such as ticketing and client service operations, chatbots, and pipelines).

Educational workshop sessions on HubSpot's optimal usage and best practices.