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Drive Predictable AUM Growth with AI

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37% of clients will switch provider for a better experience. Which side are you on?

The Wealth and Asset Management industry continues to evolve - from changes in client demographics and expectations, to increased automation and competition from a list of growing fintechs innovating the industry. But many have already discovered the key to sustainable, predictable growth: centralizing data and incorporating AI to personalize each customer interaction, build trust with automation that reduces friction and builds human connection, and focusing on the customer by anticipating their needs and prioritizing their financial wellness.

There is a generational shift in your clients. Your service needs to exceed their expectations.

Customers have more power in the digital-first, multichannel, work-from-home, data-driven environment. There is a shift from portfolio performance to holistic performance that values client experience and easy of doing business. This presents both challenges and opportunities:

  • Only 25% customers agree their advisor is invested in their financial well-being, and 18% agree that the advisor can anticipate financial needs.
  • Only 20% of customers agree that they get the assistance they need with an Agent.
  • 74% of customers believe communicating honestly and transparently is more crucial now than before the pandemic.

On the other hand:

  • 77% of customers would spend more money with a company that provides good customer experiences.
  • 74% of customers want companies to personalize their experiences and willing to share their data for better services.
  • 84% of customers expect a knowledgeable agent to solve. Wealth Playbook

Implement a robust Go-to-Market strategy with modular solutions that infuse agility and intelligence to get these results:

  • Improve advisor satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce Customer onboarding time and errors
  • Marketing, Sales, Client Service, and Operations are more closely aligned
  • Client retention rates improve, wallet share increases, and word-of-mouth referrals increase

Centralize Data, get personal.

Data is the foundation for providing personalized services and critical for improving client experience. In the age of the connected customer, front-to-back office should also be connected to provide a 360 view of the customer, not a mish-mash of disparate apps. Collect richer data at the right interactions and consistently improve your service by predicting customers’ needs for support, relevant content, communication, and navigating your website and client portal.

Build Trust, be human.

There are several dimensions of trust in a financial relationship. It starts with an authentic interest in the client’s financial well-being, followed by automation in the right places to create the right mix of in-person and digital touches. Compliment this transparency of fees, timely reporting, anticipating client needs with relevant content and using intelligent client service bots to resolve routine cases with high accuracy and client satisfaction. When one size does not fit all, you need a platform that can hyper-personalize at scale, so that you can be human and build trust.

Exceed Expectations.

Meeting expectations will only ensure survival, not growth. Delivering more value than anticipated and continuously finding ways to delight will create a virtuous circle resulting where the most important metric is optimized: loyalty. That would bring in increased wallet-share, more referrals, and a long-lasting relationship.

HubSpot for Wealth & Asset

We are pioneers of customizing HubSpot for the Wealth & Asset Management industry to manage the entire client lifecycle.

Our deep industry experience has been transformed into a set of configurations, workflows, and processes that accelerates your time to value from HubSpot and your path to predictable, sustainable growth.  

Unlike anything else offered by any other HubSpot Certified Partner, our comprehensive solution powered by HubSpot - Wealthtech-in-a-Box - is all you need to run your entire Fintech advisory business from a single pane of glass. 

Financial Services Cloud_ Asset Management Software & More -

Salesforce for Wealth & Asset

We have been at the forefront and witnessed Sales Cloud maturing into FinServ Cloud, and experts at the data model for Wealth & Asset Management.

Our team has been involved into several enterprise implementations of FinServ Cloud for leading wealth and asset management firms in North America.

We are truly domain experts with experience in integrating Bloomberg, FactSet, Charles River (IMS), Fidelity, and other industry specific tools to not just get you quick time-to-value, but put on a fast track to digital transformation.

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