HubSpot for Revops

Get HubSpot right the first time. Fast. 

Generating ROI from HubSpot requires customizing it with a mix of industry best practices, your unique business needs and tech stack. One-size-never-fits-all. We are experts at getting the size right and make sure it fits. 

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HubSpot RevOps

Revenue growth starts by fully leveraging HubSpot’s CRM Platform to grow traffic, convert leads, close deals, and retain your customers. Armed with the HubSpot CRM Implementation & Onboarding Accreditations, we provide customized technical and strategic guidance for your company’s unique needs, goals, and tech stack.

We’re here to help you—every step of the way.


Precision drives top-tier marketing operations. Balance innovation with core metrics. Venture into new markets, retaining your operational essence. From inbound tactics to MarTech optimization, we amplify your operational success.


Working smarter, not harder, is the mantra. Empower your sales teams and scale without added headcount. Through our expertise, processes are sharpened, tools are optimized, pipelines burgeon, quotas are consistently surpassed, and clients are continuously delighted.


Maximize customer satisfaction; they're your most influential promoters and revenue drivers. Equip your team with advanced analytics and top-tier tools, ensuring service that sparks peer-to-peer recommendations.


Operate at a high efficiency with intelligent automation and bots that give your stars superpowers. Reduce your costs and risks by eliminating manual processes and get workflows that actually work. 


Never fly blind again with full-funnel and customer lifecycle reporting. Get connected analytics from Web, CMS, Social, CRM, ERP, Datawarehouse, and other downstream platforms to get a single source of truth and reliable forecasts.

HubSpot is not just a shiny toy. Learn how to get real business results with this cool CRM.  

  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • Operation Hub


Marketing Hub Onboarding

Revenue growth starts by fully leveraging HubSpot's Marketing Hub to grow traffic, convert leads, and continuously innovating your outreach and nurturing tactics. 

Designed for those using HubSpot for the first time, we provide a comprehensive onboarding service that manifests your marketing strategy through HubSpot.

Get setup to track and optimize:

  • Conversion Rates by channel
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Your custom metrics
Marketing Hub


Sales Hub Onboarding

Successful sales teams don’t just bring in revenue. They uncover new opportunities and build relationships that drive the entire organization’s ability to grow beyond just this year’s targets.

Designed for those using HubSpot Sales Hub for the first time, our years of experience enabling sales teams will ensure that you have the right tools and processes to increase pipeline coverage, book more meetings, and reduce pipeline leakage to close deals faster.

Don’t leave your sales growth to chance. Get setup to track and optimize:

  • Win Rates
  • Deal Size
  • Deal Volume
  • Pipeline Velocity
  • Your custom metrics


Service Hub Onboarding

Well aligned customer service teams adds real value to both customers and internal teams. 

Boost your revenues with Referrals and Upsells by converting your customers into your advocates. 

Track and optimize:

  • Time-to-value
  • Usage Frequency
  • Time-to-resolution
  • Your custom metrics


Operation Hub Setup

HubSpot Ops Hub is a powerful tool that can support a range of use cases that may require custom logic or API calls. 

Our Full-Stack can integrate your entire tech stack with HubSpot to provide a data-driven foundation for your Go-to-Market teams.

Reduce your risks and operational costs along with improvement in these metrics:

  • Data Accuracy and Completeness
  • Job Failures & Integration Errors
  • Automation Effectiveness
  • Platform Usage
  • Your custom metrics

Get the HubSpot Onboarding package that meets your requirements. 

Do-it-Yourself (DIY)


For tech-savvy teams who are just getting ready to scale their Go-to-Market efforts.

You get pre-recorded videos that guide you on the right sequence of steps, best practices, and tricks and tips to get the most value out of HubSpot yourself.

You also get 5 hours of one-on-one support with one of our HubSpot experts to get you that extra 5% - whether it's complex workflows or custom reports - so that 95% of your effort doesn't go to waste.

Engage & Nurture (1)

Do-it-With-You (DIWY) 


For established and/or scaling go-to-market teams that are looking to onboard either Marketing, Sales, or Service functions. Ideal for HubSpot Marketing/Sales/Service Professional.

You get a team of HubSpot Onboarding experts that deliver a customized onboarding experience in collaboration with your teams with the goal of training your personnel on how to do all the heavy lifting.

You also get 4 custom trainings for each Hub once all the configurations are completed and HubSpot is live. Additional training and custom integrations can be included as add-ons.

Do-it-For-You (DIFU) 


For rapidly scaling and mature teams with complex business requirements and integration needs that are looking to take their RevOps function to the next level. Ideal for HubSpot Marketing/Sales/Service/Operations/CMS Enterprise. 

You get a full-stack, dedicated team with a Senior Solution Architect that works directly with your business stakeholders to uncover business requirements and deliver the end-to-end solution on a platter.   

You also get bespoke strategic consulting, training, and documentation to ensure your teams' ongoing success with HubSpot.

Automate Processes (5)

What's included

Service Breakdown

Account and Tech Setup
Set up your teams and users
Connect subdomains and configure settings
Import contacts, companies, and deals
Connect you Website and Social Media accounts
Permissioning and setting up multiple brands
Data Import Strategy and cleanup
Capture and Convert Leads
Set up Buyer Personas
Set up forms and custom properties
Training to use Contacts, Lists, Forms, and CTAs
Map out your Lead Capture process flow
Engage and Nurture Leads
Configure your Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages
Training on Email Templates, Workflows, and Campaigns
Configure Lead Scoring
Set up Calculated Properties
Define the most optimal lead scoring
Map out a nurturing process flow for your target personas
Define Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages for your business
Automate and Personalize Marketing
Develop workflows based on requirements
Setup your Task Queues, Lists, and Campaigns
Define the most optimal setup for your team
Training & Consulting
Business process & tech stack consult with Sr. HubSpot Solution Architect
Custom workshops, training, and documentation for your teams
Account and Tech Setup
Connect your email inbox and calendar
Set up your personal profile & settings
Create custom properties to store your data
Training on importing contacts, companies, deals, and notes into HubSpot
Install HubSpot tracking code on your website
Set up your deal currencies
Set up external system integrations
Import your contacts, companies, deals, and notes into HubSpot
Review existing CRM & lead management system(s)
Connect with Prospects on their Terms
Set up live chat on your webpages
Learn how to use conversations to answer your prospects’ questions
Training on email scheduling to send to prospects at their preferred times
Custom training for your sales team on best practices of using HubSpot
Automate your Sales Process
Creating deal stages to automate the pipeline process
Setup your Task Queues and Sequences
Set up workflow extensions to automate sales processes
Automating how leads are rotated to sales reps
Customize deal pipelines to fit your sales process
Explore how other tools integrate with HubSpot
Define Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages for your business
Personalize your Outreach at Scale
Set up your product library to include the items that you sell
Using personalization tokens in emails to send emails faster
Set up quotes and pyaments to get deals closed faster
Consulting on setting up Sales Forecasting and KPI Reporting
Training & Consulting
Business process & tech stack consult with Sr. HubSpot Solution Architect
Custom workshops, training, and documentation for your teams
Account and Tech Setup
Add your team members as users
Install HubSpot tracking code on your website
Connect your shared team email addresses to Conversations
Connect or add a subdomain for your knowledge base
Edit and embed the support form on your website
Import contacts and/or tickets into HubSpot
Configure your conversations notification preferences.
Create a form to collect incoming tickets from customers.
Import your existing Knowledgebase
Delight Customers at Scale
Automatic ticket assignments for service reps
Workflows to update ticket properties, move tickets to a new stage, and create tasks for the ticket’s owner
Configure Support and Customer Success pipelines
Optimize service pipelines and stages to your team’s processes.
Set up standard reporting
Set up custom reporting
Explore how other tools integrate with HubSpot
Help Customers Help Themselves
Create a new Knowledge base or learn how to import your existing one
Design your knowledge base to optimize for Google search and customer satisfaction.
Develop categories and subcategories that make the knowledge base easy for your customers to navigate.
Collect and implement feedback on your knowledge base to improve the end experience for your customers.
Include your knowledge base at optimal locations on your website and customer communications so that it’s easy to find at the right times.
Learn how to add videos to your knowledge base to give customers a visual walkthrough.
Design an end-to-end customer support model based on your business needs
Automate and Personalize Marketing
Develop workflows based on requirements
Setup your Task Queues, Lists, and Campaigns
Define the most optimal setup for your team
Training & Consulting
Business process & tech stack consult with Sr. HubSpot Solution Architect
Custom workshops, training, and documentation for your teams



For a custom pricing plan that’s right for your business, contact our team.



Frequently Asked Question


Why opt for HubSpot as your go-to RevOps platform?

HubSpot excels in Revenue Operations (RevOps), providing an integrated framework that aligns your marketing, sales, and customer service departments for maximized efficiency and profitability. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive toolset make it a superior solution for unifying your data and processes. Whether you're focusing on lead cultivation, pipeline management, or customer retention, HubSpot offers unmatched support and scalable pricing options to build a customized solution that drives revenue growth. Choose HubSpot, and take the first step in revolutionizing your RevOps strategy.


What is Hubspot onboarding, and why is it necessary?

The process of setting up all the options that come with your Hubspot subscription and making them functionally available to your team is called Hubspot onboarding. It also involves guiding and training your team on each stage of running Marketing Hub and getting the most value from its various features. It will help you:

•   Understand the software and all the options in detail

•   Avoid delays using our best practices

•   Get a strong foundation and training for your team

•   Hit the ground running to achieve your goals


Why is onboarding with a Hubspot partner better than working with Hubspot?

When you have plugged your business into a massive platform like Hubspot, you need proper onboarding, and there are two ways to achieve it. Work with the Hubspot onboarding team or hire a Hubspot partner agency. Working with Learners has several advantages such as:

•   We provide more services compared to Hubspot and their price

•   Our onboarding services includes training your team on critical features

•   Our agency has practical financial services industry domain knowledge and experience

•   We offer ongoing and on-demand support throughout the journey

•   You will work with an experienced team that has successfully onboarded numerous times

•   Have a practical understanding of the problems and solutions


How long does the onboarding process take with for HubSpot?

The duration of the onboarding process with for HubSpot generally falls within a 3-4 month range but can vary based on several factors. These include the complexity of your existing systems, your team's size, and the specific objectives you have for utilizing HubSpot's features. Crucially, the timeframe also depends on the onboarding approach you select—whether it's the Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-With-You, or Do-It-For-You option. Each approach offers a different level of support and hands-on guidance, thus influencing the overall time required to get your team fully operational on the platform.


What are the procedures for setting up HubSpot?

Evaluation of your objectives and necessities in areas like marketing, CRM, client assistance, and CMS to recommend the most suitable plan for your enterprise.

Blueprint for implementation, detailing tech essentials: transferring your contact and business records, customizing your data structure, and aligning with your IT environment.

Activating HubSpot: Establishing the marketing toolkit (e.g., email layouts, landing pages, form designs, CTAs, automated email sequences), CRM functionalities (like sales funnels and deal oversight, workflows, sequences automation, deal pipelines), and Service modules (such as ticketing and client service operations, chatbots, and pipelines).

Educational workshop sessions on HubSpot's optimal usage and best practices.

What our Customers Say

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Brett Oliveira

ShipHero Sales

stars has been an incredible partner for our HubSpot CRM rebuild and integration project. This has been a complex project completely rebuilding our CRM processes and workflows from the ground up while integrating numerous internal and external data sources. They have been incredibly responsive and provided great advice and best practices along the way. I'd definitely recommended working with the Learners team. Thank you!!

Chris G.

Forum Financial Management, LP


Love working with the team at Learners! From day one, they really got our business and took the time to deliver a custom solution that our whole team can get behind!

Jamal M

Main Street Financial Solutions


Learners did a fantastic job of understanding our perspective and at customizing an approach that met our needs, while still bringing much needed experience, structure and vision to our process. They clearly know their stuff when it comes to leveraging automation capabilities for financial services practices. It’s eye opening what automation can accomplish for our practices already, and I firmly believe that any RIA that hopes to stay relevant in the next decade ought to be investing in this critical area of technology NOW!

Cynthia LaRue

Forum Financial Management, LP


I chose Learners for our CRM implementation because of their experience, CRM expertise, RevOps expertise, competitive pricing, and their focus on customer service. They provided a full audit of our CRM and then a complete overhaul of our CRM, from custom objects & properties, to completely new sales pipelines, workflow automation, lead scoring, reports & dashboards. I would absolutely recommend Learners - they are outstanding and are true experts. They take a true team approach to the project and are very flexible.

Ashley Camire

Owner and Relationship Specialist

stars was a breeze to work with. Learners team is genuinely caring people who take their work and customers' projects very seriously... They are calm, friendly and very easy to talk to...Everything coordinated for us was organized, timely and within budget. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, trying to figure anything out during the entire process. Thank you Learners team!

Brandon Palmer

Digital Marketing Manager


Our team is using for a fairly complicated reimplementation of our HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub. That said, working with them has been wonderful. They're basically a part of the team now! I never have any issues reaching out to them and receiving a reply, and a solution to whatever issue I've discovered. We've been working together for approximately three months and it's been nothing but wonderful. Projects like this are tough and time-consuming, but has continuously been up to the task and handled any and all of our requests. Shout out to Learners team! They've been terrific.

Phil Desrosiers

Corporate Director


I have relied heavily on the team at Learners for the implementation of the new system. The configuration of HubSpot to meet our needs at my company has been a real game changer and we've already seen the results pay for themselves even before we've completed the project. They've gone above any beyond to provide expert advice and jump in when we've run into unexpected challenges. Should you decide that an integration team is the right fit for your growth plans at, I can confidently say with Learners you would be in good hands.